Poppy’s Coffee is a Social Enterprise. Born and bread from an idea at our local train station on an annoyingly wet and windy dark October morning with not a coffee in sight!!! Hold on the gentle folk of Hatfield Peveral I’m assured the licensing is in the mix (although not for us unfortunatly).

Coffee is the second biggest commodity in the world only second to Oil. So it’s not surprising we see the giants of Costa and Starbucks on every corner of our towns and city’s. To the so many independents out there offering sustainable variations to the commercial taste we’ve practically been weened on, I thank you.

Today is not a master class in those Giants though nor is it about your personal thoughts on coffee, it’s origins or it’s commercial value. Today is about putting out there for debate what Poppys Coffee is and why we are so much more than just ‘Great British coffee’

From that cold wet and windy morning, our ideas spiralled and soon we were into the giddy and exciting world of marketing. Poppy’s Coffee is so called because of our 8 year old daughter but that’s only where the story begins. God willing homelessness is never a challenge that Poppy or any of us will ever have to face but it’s one that is all too painfully apparent from the streets we walk. Homelessness affects us all and none more so than the individuals, through often no fault of their own, who’s lives have broken down, family members have been lost and the will to go on can sometimes be too difficult.

After living and working in London for the past 20 years we see how homelessness is on the rise and see that a community problem requires a community response. We at Poppy’s coffee want to share in our social responsibilities and that is why we are pledging 25 pence in every cup of coffee sold will be donated to CHESS Homeless.

CHESS (Churches Homeless Emergency Support Scheme) works tirelesly with single adults to provide shelter, councilling and rehabilitation services. Through the growth of our business Poppy’s Coffee hopes to deliver on its own community response not just through its donations but through its time. With the right level of support and collaboration with CHESS, Poppy’s Coffee hopes one day to employ those individuals who have suffered hardship and accepted the support of CHESS.

Poppy’s coffee is proud to be pink and so should you be. Join the revolution and help us to make a difference for everyone.

Thank you for reading folks x